Attorney John McNally & his legal assistant Janette are both incredible people and outstanding in their profession. They make the horrible process of legal action as easy as possible for you as the client. They treat you like a person and have genuine concern for your well-being. I never felt like a bother or nuisance, even when I called several times in the same day. John takes the time to answer all of your questions in depth and does a fantastic job of explaining the process along the way. Both John & Janette are incredibly organized and responsive. I am forever thankful that I chose John to represent me in my case and can comfortably recommend him to any who may need legal representation
I was in a horrible accident and suffered a bad neck injury. I hired a “TV Attorney” who did nothing on the case for over six months. I hired John G. McNally Law Office and within thirty days the lawsuit had been filed. John and his staff worked until ultimately, they recovered almost a $1,000,000.00. John was born downriver, lives downriver, and works downriver. I would encourage anybody to call him. John changed mine and my family’s life!
I spoke with Mr. McNally late Sept. ’19. Although his expertise excluded medical malpractice, he spent more than 10 min. to navigate through options. I found his candor impressive, his manner polite. I am confident he would restore decorum and pursue optimal outcome. Protocol from other firms can lack. A call to Fieger Law will toss your concern to a room of people. A reply is received days later. A call to Legal Genius, in the afternoon, is transferred to an answering service in Florida. Then a rep. calls, later, a lawyer. Indirect, time-consuming… No hassle needs to be added to a client’s dilemmas.
I worked with John McNally 7 years ago. He handled my case when I had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Thankfully in that instance, I was merely pulled over and no one else was involved in that incident. John worked with me to ensure that first and foremost I understood the gravity of my situation, and secondly to work to have my sentence allow me a restricted driver’s license to and from work only as I had just started a new job. John was very professional, very respectful of my time and went, in my opinion, above and beyond. In the seven years since, I’ve relegated my drinking to at home or when I know I have a driver, have kept the same job I was starting at and now have a family and more responsibilities of my own as part of that. I know statistically first time offenders usually become repeat offenders. John gave me the chance to not be one. Highly recommended for any of your legal needs.
Attorney John McNally puts you at ease! How? By being a good listener, he determines what the client’s problem(s) is/are. He then goes about explaining what the solution(s) could be. He does this by using layman’s terms rather than talking over your head! In short, I can say that I can comfortably recommend that you consider using him for many legal problems!!
Mr. McNally handled 2 auto accident claims i had about a year and was very impressed on how he handled my claims and got me the money i deserved. Don’t be fooled by these big attorneys that advertise on tv if your claim is not deemed high in value then you get someone else besides who you see on tv and in my opinion are just beginning his or her career I know I used Michael More’s firm in the past 1 time and my last time. Mr. McNally genuinely cares about his clients and he will be the one you deal with from start to finish period. Thank you again Mr. McNally me and my family are very appreciative of the outcome of our situation.
“John McNally fought hard for me against the insurance company for the truck that hit me, and then against my insurance company that tried to deny my benefits. He did what he said he was going to do, and kept me informed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend John to anyone, not only because he is hard working and honest, but because he treats you like family. John McNally was a very honest, informative, and knowledgeable lawyer. Everything he told me that he was set out to fight for against the other party’s insurance company and my own, he accomplished efficiently and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. There were times in the case when I would be stressed about things, but he told me not to worry and he would take care of everything, and he did just that. I would highly recommend John to anyone who has an accident case, not only because he is a hard working lawyer for his clients but because he makes u feel comfortable with every legal decision he makes and he treats you like family.”
“Mr. McNally, I have been a Circuit Court clerk for over 35 years. After watching you fight for your client in trial for 10 days, there was no one else that I would call for my case.”
“Your dedication and professionalism to my case was outstanding. You spent hours devoted to reviewing all information and preparing for trial. Your confidence when we spoke and in the courtroom, put me at ease. You told me when we first met that you would dedicate 110% to my case. You held true to your word!”