Case Results

$2.7 Million - Personal Injury

The client, a trucker in Gary, Indiana, was beaten by two police officers who were ultimately sentenced to 12 years in prison. Client sustained a closed head injury, as well as psychological injuries. Suit was filed against the City of Gary as there were prior incidents involving the officers. A judgment/settlement of $2,700,000.00 was obtained for the client.

$1.7 Million - Trucking Accident

Client struck by semi-truck in a construction zone on I-75 sustaining serious personal injury. Client was hospitalized for nearly 6 months and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Canadian trucking company attempted to argue that client was at fault but, ultimately, was forced to pay client $1,700,000.00 in damages.

$1 Million+ - Wrongful Death

Over One Million Dollars was recovered for decedent's children and family in wrongful death, life insurance and auto insurance proceeds following auto negligence death in Monroe County.

$803,000 - Semi-Truck

4-year-old girl sustained closed head injury after her vehicle was struck by semi-truck. Fortunately, she made a remarkable recovery. McNally Law Office was able to craft structured settlement for her to provide many years of future benefits and college tuition. * Future payments

$775,000 - Motorcycle Accident

Client struck while riding motorcycle while riding home from work and spent 35 days in hospital bed. Afterwards, he underwent multiple surgeries to repair fractured pelvis and other fractures. Insurance company paid $775,000.00 to settle the matter.

$750,000 - Employment & Labor

Client wrongfully terminated in violation of employment contract. Employer attempted to argue other reasons for terminations, which were proven false. Employer was forced to pay $750,000.00 in wage loss and damages.* Future payments

$350,000 - Closed Head Injury

Client sustained Closed Head Injury following fall on defective step at apartment complex. After client's previous attorney failed to take any action, McNally Law Offices investigated the matter and learned that the landlord had covered up the hazard. Suit was immediately filed and a successful recovery obtained.

$280,000 - Work-Site Injury

Client was cut on the job, contracted flesh-eating disease and had to undergo multiple surgeries to hand.

$280,000 - Personal Injury

Client rear-ended while at red light and underwent multiple surgeries to repair fractured vertebrae.

$240,000 - Personal Injury

High school student fractured right femur while in phys. ed. class. Earlier, she had undergone bone surgery, and the school was told not to have her participate in class until released by her doctor. Her teacher mandated that she participate in class when the weakened bone fractured. A rod had to be inserted into her thigh bone.

$240,000 - Employment & Labor / Sexual Harassment

Client was repeatedly sexually harassed by owner of company. Prior to a lawsuit being filed, the employer paid $240,000.00 in settlement.

$215,000 - Bike / Truck Accident

Client was struck by pickup truck while riding her bike across roadway. Despite having to undergo a fusion on her cervical spine, her insurance company cut off her wage loss and other benefits. We were able, through her doctor and other evidence, to establish that her surgery was necessary and related to the accident. In the end, we recovered all lost wages, medical bills, as well as pain and suffering damages.

$600,000 - Dog Bite Incident

After a young girl was bitten by a dog, McNally Law was able to structure a settlement where she received over 600,000 dollars during her lifetime.