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Many people fear the probate process in Michigan. It can be long and costly if not handled correctly, but with the right attorney even a large estate can be wrapped up in four to six months.

The Law Offices of John G. McNally, P.C., serves personal representatives and trustees who are charged with settling the estate or administering the trust of a family member. Mr. McNally will help you close the estate in a thorough, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Based in Trenton, we handle probate administration and estate-related disputes in all Downriver communities of Wayne County as well as Monroe County. Many times, we have represented personal representatives and heirs who live out of state.

Experienced Trenton Probate Attorney

After the death of a loved one, you should not feel pressure or urgency. We encourage clients to address these matters at their own pace, when they're ready. You may choose to take an active role to keep the costs down, or we can handle all the affairs on your behalf.

Attorney John McNally will guide you through the various duties:

  • Opening the estate and marshaling assets
  • Liquidating stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other assets
  • Sale, lease or transfer of real estate
  • Paying debts and defending against claims
  • Distributions to heirs
  • Reporting and accounting

Probate Disputes

With or without a will, a family death sometimes creates acrimony between heirs or those who were excluded from inheritance. Mr. McNally is an experienced trial lawyer who has prevailed in contests, but is skilled at keeping these disputes out of court. With uncompromising integrity, Mr. McNally makes certain that the law is followed and the true wishes of the deceased are followed. In the vast majority of cases, disputes are avoided and assets are quickly liquidated and distributed.

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