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SPRING 17 | THE D PROFILE | John G. McNally

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The D Profile: What types of personal injury are you seeing most today, Mr. McNally?

John McNally: By far, we are handling the catastrophic-type injuries sustained in automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

Profile: What steps should a person who is involved in an injury accident take?

McNally: First, contact the police and then immediately get medical help. As soon thereafter as possible, a knowledgeable attorney should be called and assess the matter. Many people are not aware of the benefits available for medical expenses, wage loss, and household services.

Profile: What steps do you take when a person calls you?

McNally: We speak with the prospective client at great length. If warranted, we investigate the accident, gathering and preserving evidence for court. We also help with making certain the insurance company is providing the benefits it is obligated to provide.

Profile: You have been practicing here in the Downriver area for some time. Why should a person call you, rather than one of the high-profile attorneys advertising on television?

McNally: The vast majority of the attorneys you see on television never go to court. Conversely, I am extremely proud of the work we have done and the highly successful outcomes we have earned for our clients, including plenty of million dollar outcomes. We have also been named one of Michigan's Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyer Association. By representing the men, women, and children of Downriver, we have the greatest clients in the world, and no one can say we don't go to court and fight 'til the end for them.

Profile: Do you take fewer cases?

McNally: We do. I have always enjoyed getting to know our clients and taking a vested interest in their case. We are absolutely in it together. I speak to my clients, personally, on a weekly or monthly basis, from the beginning 'til the end. It is not about our office making money. We are truly privileged to help our friends and neighbors during their difficult times. And I'll do it until they have to carry me out of my office.

Profile: Good people can sometimes be caught up in bad situations. What should people do to minimize the damage to their bank accounts if they suddenly find themselves at fault in an accident?

McNally: They should check their own insurance policies to make sure they have enough coverage if it is determined they are at fault. They should review their policies on an annual basis with an experienced attorney to make sure they have sufficient insurance in place to protect themselves and their loved ones in the unfortunate event of an auto accident. We review policies all the time at no charge to those who contact our office.

Born and raised in Trenton, John McNally is a lifelong resident of the Downriver area. He resides with Jeannie, his wife of 23 years. They have three children: Megan, Jack, and Brooke.

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Fighting for the Rights of Injury Victims & Families

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